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Double or triple your online conversions, leads, and sales by creating and testing effective landing pages

Blogs, social networking, search engine optimization, viral videos, online ads, and a dozen other Internet marketing methods can drive traffic. But what do you do with that traffic once you get it?

That's where your landing pages come in. A powerfully written, well-designed, and scientifically tested landing page is the one tool that can convert all that expensive traffic to leads and sales. Double or triple your landing page conversion rates, and you can double or triple your subscriber list, revenues, and profits. is the premier Web site dedicated to the singular goal of helping you increase conversion rates to every landing page you create – whether it's a squeeze page to add names to your online subscriber list or a long-copy micro-site selling a subscription or one-shot information product.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in online marketing is to simply put up a landing page for a product and accept whatever conversion rate it generates as the final number – the “best you can do.” is designed to helping you squeeze more incremental performance, conversion, and sales out of your important landing pages and other Web sites.

      Key landing
    page concepts

  The Motivating   Sequence

  Landing Page Copy

  Squeeze Pages

  12-Point Landing
  Page Checklist

  The Agora Model

  Incremental Conversion

  Taguchi testing

  E-mail address capture


  Online conversion

  12 Landing Page Types

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